Permanent Makeup


 Procedure Fees


  • Eyebrows Powder Fill:  $450

The eyebrows are one of the most important features of our face. We will work together on a color and shape that is subtle and conservative.  The procedure can add definition and fullness to thin or sparse brows.  At first the color is bold and can appear dark but within 5 days the color lightens 30%-50%.

  • Microblading/Hair Stroke:   $500

Microblading is a manual method that gives the appearance of realistic hairs. This technique uses a very fine, thin blade and deposits pigments into the epidermis. Because we are implanting color closer to the surface the strokes appear crisp and very fine. This is ideal for and looks best for someone who has thinning brows, needs to add hair strokes in between or someone who is looking to add fullness.

  • Eyeliner:  Top and Bottom $350    Upper Lash Line  $250

A perfect option to help bring out the beauty of the eyes and enhance the lashes making them appear fuller.  The eyeliner procedure is quick and can be done on the upper lid and lower lash line.  After the eyeliner procedure the skin around the eyes may appear red and swollen.  The healing process is about 7 days the effect is a subtle soft pencil liner look.

  • Lips:  $475

Add a touch of color to the lips that is meant to enhance the lips not to create actual fullness.  It’s the appearance of the color that give the lips the illusion that they are fuller. The benefit of having permanent lip color is that the lips always look beautiful without the worry of lip liner bleeding into fine lip lines.  Because the lips are vascular some clients choose to have anesthetic the same day as the lip procedure from their dentist.  As your technician I use a topical anesthetic that is applied prior to starting the treatment and will continue the application to help keep the client comfortable.  After the procedure the lips will look very dry and chapped as they heal.  The swelling and dryness will subside and return to normal after 3-5 days.  You usually see the full truest color after two weeks. Wear your new color as is or add a clear gloss on top for a fuller appearance and sparkle.


    • All touch-ups 2nd appointment within 8 weeks are FREE! Any discount given your touch up will not be included in this package. If you go over 8 weeks you will forfeit your FREE touch-up
    • After 8 weeks: If the initial procedure was done by me and it has not been longer then 12 months   $150
    • Longer than 12 months = Full Price



Permanent Makeup FAQs