Permanent Makeup FAQ

Q. Are you certified?

A. Yes, I am a licensed esthetician and certified permanent makeup artist. I completed a hands on training and received two certifications from a permanent makeup and tattoo artists who have been in the industry for 15 + years teaching and perfecting the art of permanent makeup.  I have received extensive training and certification in Blood Bourne Pathogens as deemed necessary for permanent makeup artist, and estheticians by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Q. What is Permanent Makeup?

A. Permanent Makeup (PMU) is the process which sterile hypoallergenic cosmetic pigments are placed into the dermal layer of the skin using single use individual disposable sterile needles.  PMu is not the same process as in conventional tattoos.  PMU pigments will fade over time unlike conventional tattoos.  We use different pigments for the face, not carbon ink.  Its call permanent because even though it fades, particles remain in the skin.  The areas to be treated are numbed using approved topical anesthetics to make your experience comfortable and pleasant one.

Q. How safe is the procedure?

A. All equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized and kept in good working order. Nitrile gloves are worn during the entire procedure and all needles and supplies used are disposable single use only.

Q. Is permanent cosmetic makeup permanent?

A. Yes and No, Fading can, and often does occur, but a hue of color may always remain, therefore, we must call it “permanent”.  I use only the finest permanent makeup products/pigments and they will soften/fade in color over time.  The natural elements, anti-aging creams, sun exposure, sweating, tanning beds and just age of the permanent makeup, will fade in time.  It is recommended to get color boosts to freshen up the Permanent Makeup to maintain its natural look.

Q. How long can I expect my permanent makeup to last?

A. Depending on the procedure, choice of color, individual skin tone, body chemistry and sun exposure, results may last from three to fifteen years, or longer.

Q. What is the healing time, and what will I look like after the procedures?

A. Healing time will depend on the individual, but usually takes between 4-7 days.  You may have mild swelling in the area that has been pigmented for 24 to 36 hours.  On all procedures, color will be slightly darker for 4-7 days . I provide each client with aquaphor for the aftercare and written post care instructions.  The treated area will begin to soften/lighten up within 3-30 days and it is recommended to have touch-up appointment.

Q. Could I have an allergic reaction?

A. Very few people have an allergic reaction to iron oxide pigments.  Iron oxide is in most cosmetics, even those labeled “Hypo-Allergenic”, and in most vitamin pills we ingest.  Regular cosmetics have many other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.  If you can wear regular cosmetics, you should have nothing to worry about.  If you wish, we will do a patch test with our pigment before scheduling a procedure for you.

Q. Is there much discomfort?

A. The procedures are of the skin so you many experience mild discomfort.  A topical anesthetic is applied to the area for 15 minutes pre-procedure.  The topical is applied often during the procedure to help keep the client comfortable.

Q. Can I have an MRI or Cat Scan with permanent cosmetics?

A. Yes, you can have a MRI or CAT Scan. The operator performing the MRI or Scan ask since the person may experience temporary redness and/or a slight warming sensation in the area of the permanent makeup.  You can learn more at